Most people will have heard of the elements Arsenic and Radium but very few are aware of just how deadly these were when they were first discovered. Highly sensationalised by newspapers of the time, both of these chemicals wreaked havoc on the nation as they were used in everything from toothpaste to drinking water. Unbeknownst to the public these substances turned out to be extremely toxic as a result of carelessness to properly research and test their effects.   
Fatal Attraction aims to highlight the issues of diving into these trends without knowing their full consequences. It is divided into two main sections, beginning with Arsenic and followed by Radium. The chapters follow a timeline format, exploring the origins of their uses within society before their devastating effects began to reveal themselves. Accents of fluorescent green are used to echo the green pigment that is synonymous with Arsenic and the glow caused by Radium. It adopts small influences of its scientific subject matter with the repeated use of key lines referencing the chemical structure of Arsenic and Radium and is finished with an angular based Japanese stitch for the binding. 
This submission was awarded membership into the International Society of Typographic Designers. 
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