RGB is an annual fundraiser for fourth year Graphic Design students at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design. Its a tradition which has been passed down over the years and acts as an ice breaker between all of the students within the department. Its a colour co-ordinated night where second years wear blue t-shirts, third years wear green t-shirts and fourth years wear red t-shirts. Everyone brings along a marker pen to draw on each others t-shirts, and inevitably their faces too. 
The theme for this years identity was ‘anatomy of type’. Screen printed in corresponding colours to the event, the posters could be displayed both individually and as a series. The graphic elements of the typeface are highlighted with the arrows pointing to the event information, and to emphasise the theme the posters and tickets were printed using graph paper. Each poster has some hand drawn doodles to bring it back to the main purpose of the night, to draw on people!       
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