The hidden homeless are people who are missing from the official statistics as a result of sofa surfing with friends and family or staying in hostels. In some ways it is very similar to the homelessness we see on the streets; both are misunderstood, isolating and desperate. They have lost their normality and stability. In the UK there are an estimated 380,000 people who are hidden and homeless – an alarmingly high number. The campaigns main aim is to highlight that being homeless goes beyond the stereotype of beggars we see on the street.  
In response to this, I created the campaign #YourMove which raises awareness of how poor their living situations are by adopting the language of property adverts and utilizing their small print. For Sale signs will appear across the city beside sofas in shopping centres, public spaces and park benches to advertise what can be peoples homes. By using the name #YourMove it calls upon the public to act on the issue which they can do online with the ‘Pledge a Brick’ campaign. This is an online platform where they can pledge their support for the cause and help to lay the foundations for change. ​​​​​​​
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